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We can offer semi-low-loaders with 3 to 8 axes which are single or doubly extendable. The loading surface varies from 740 mm up to 950 mm. Almost all Semi-low-loaders are entirely compulsory steered and have the option “manual steering”.
The distance between the axes are different from vehicle to vehicle because of the local legislation which is different from country to country. Most trucks have aluminium ramps as materials to prolong, supports and intermediate tables. All this makes it possible to transport loads from 0 to 32 m length and the weights around 100 tonnes. Concerning width and altitude it is the infrasturcture and the legislator who determines the possibilities. Years of experience in this sector is one of our strenghts. Recently we transported an object of12000x6100x3300 which weighs 75000 kg. We moved it for over a distance of 1300km in three different countries. Structure and route research are at the base of your exceptional transports. The words as “we can not” and “it is not possible” are not in our dictionary.  Our motto is “what you can’t do, we do weekly and with pleasure for you”

Flat-deck semi trailers

We have flat-deck semi trailers with 3 to 8 axes which can carry 0 to 90T. These trailers have different kinds of loading platforms flat bed, small bed and kettle bed.

Flatbed (extendible) semi-trailers

A loading platform with a beam in the centre on which all kinds of machines can be charged hanging. The possible loading height can be lowered with forty to fifty centimetres. This way, total dimensions of the transport can be reduced which makes it possible to lower the maximum height of transport. By lowering the height we create more routes which will make your transport costs much cheaper.These vehicles transport often heavy and large construction machines.

Kettle-bed trailer

Kettle-bed trailers are being used to transport very high loads like transformers and similar industrial machines. Of course not to forget the transport of the cauldrons. The construction of a Kettle-bed trailer is not only designed to transport you load safely but it also makes sure that it can stable. The loading surface can be reduced 40 until 60 cm with which your transport costs will strongly be reduced.


A total flat loading surface is being used for objects which need entire support of the platform. The combination with a broad hoist slot is off course a great advantage when transporting specific machines.

The module vehicles

We have our own limited number of module trailers. For larger projects, we have built long-term collaboration with several solid partners in this market segment.
This kind of material is generally used for short distances and for very specific loadings. It is almost a must to combinate with other means of transport for these kinds of projects.

We have already carried out transports from production sites to assembly lines with satisfaction of all parties.
Profound and transparent technical conversations are necessary to avoid the most little surprises.
We have already created transports with dimentions of 80000 X.500 X 6500 and 800T at our own Roro-facilities. 
The RoRo-quay, built in PPS, is a richness which is thriving for the government and our customers. It provides possiblities to obtain a world-wide position in their market share.
The support of the service “De Scheepvaart” and the political will of our government are certainly not to forget regarding this realisation, which I personally thank them for.